Bandaoke International is one of the very few professional bands in the world today that exclusively specialize in the very demanding task of live karaoke.
Among these bands (around 10 in total globally), Bandaoke International have the largest songlist by far, with 2000+ songs, which is nearly 10 times as many as songs as any of the other bands play (a google search will confirm that).

It is more or less what it sounds like: the concept of getting anyone from an audience, even if they haven’t touched a microphone in their lives, even if they haven’t sung along to a guitar at home before and getting them to sing through an entire song with a band on stage, giving them and their loved ones in the audience the moment of a lifetime.

This is an extremely demanding task to achieve. And we are not talking about getting a trained singer on stage. We are talking about getting anyone, anytime and with a vast variety of songs that can cover all tastes, all ages, all eras for an absolutely guaranteed memorable time.

This is what Bandaoke International have been doing since November 2013.
With 214 shows in just their 33 first months of activity, they have explored and perfected every little aspect and secret of this high-end act and live karaoke has become more than a full time job for them. It has become their obsession.

Just a two-men team, a solid drummer and a guitarist-singer form this powerful band that can play and back you up in literally any musical style. A rhythmic section,harmony, melody and vocal assistance (if requested) is exactly what you need to sing more than 2.000 songs from all musical styles, the longest playlist that exists anywhere in the world today by far. Also, note that we are the only live karaoke band worldwide who have a long collection of greek songs (around 670).


We’ll tell you why.
Point by point.

Bandaoke International brings you:

  • The largest song list in the market. That is anywhere in the world, with 2.000+ songs (1.350 english, 50 spanish/italian/french/portuguese, 670 greek), while our competitors hardly reach the number of 180-200. (a quick google search will confirm this)
  • Videos for almost all of these songs (from shows or soundchecks) to prove that the band actually DOES play this unbelievable number and variety of songs! (go to “songlist” for more details) 
  • A song list that includes literally ALL musical genres. This means, regardless the kind of music one likes, as soon as it has vocal parts and lyrics in it, they willalways find something they ‘d like to sing in our amazing songlist. Our competitors limit themselves to rock and pop/rock.
  • Transposing songs to the participant’s key. (incredibly difficult with a full band)
  • Participant’s key detecting in less than 10sec! (a demo video of this comes to prove it beyond doubt!)
  • Assistant singing included.
  • Backing vocals for a real concert sensation.
  • A less intimidating, much more approachable profile than this of a full band (very important for people who have never tried singing on stage before)
  • Covering a song on the spot in only a few seconds in a unique artistic way if requested (for instance, we can play a rock song in reggae or samba style). See this VIDEO HERE for an authentic demonstration! 
  • Customising the form of a song on the spot (repeat a chorus for instance). We don’t play along with videos or prerecorded music, it’s 100% live music so we ‘re absolutely free to do as we please.
  • Taking all long and unnecessary parts out of the song (such as long intros and solos). Our goal is the participant feeling excited every single moment on stage, never getting “bored” or uncomfortable and enjoy singing and not sitting through long instrumental parts. Also, this leaves us more time for more people to sing.
  • Running time up to 4h 30m.


As with regular karaoke’s, lyrics are provided on stage and are displayed on a 27” vertical screen set on a music stand, provided by us. The main difference is that instead of a dot telling you when to start, you have the full “standing” display of the lyrics from start to the end following the original structure of the song (as it is in the original studio version).


This might at first seem as a disadvantage and scaring to some people, but it gives us full freedom to play in the desired speed (tempo, “bpm” if you prefer), skip or repeat parts if we choose (a simple sign with your head will do) and of course we could even cover a song on the spot (we have played songs in different musical styles several times in our shows in a very artistic, improvised way, for example play a rock song in swing). If you have a problem knowing when to start or keeping tempo, our guitarist, who is also a trained singer, will help you.

Please notice that:
Bands that have chosen to play along with a machine are strictly tied to an absolutely fixed timecode and structure, they have zero flexibility to change anything on the original form or speed of the song or use any creative and artistic elements of their own or the participant singing with them.

This is why Bandaoke International has chosen this bolder, more demanding, yet more authentic and artistic method.

Transposing the songs to your key is also possible.
You can either tell our guitarist which key you want him to play the song in or you will be asked to sing a 2” fraction of the song in his ear and that is enough for him todetect which key is right for you. Total time, less than 10”.


There is always a sheet with all technical instructions to all participants handed out before we start, but there will also be a professional sound engineer present to make sure everything goes perfectly well and everyone has an incredible time.

The band is available literally all around the globe (with some very few exceptions depending on special circumstances, like wars, etc) and the prices vary depending on location, duration of stay and time of year (ask for details at the contact page)

All kinds of events, as soon as they meet our minimum rates criteria:

  • Corporate parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Proms
  • University parties
  • Army balls
  • Weddings
  • Advertising events
  • Musical festivals