Welcome to Bandaoke International’s amazing songlist!!!


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Welcome to Bandaoke International’s amazing songlist!!!

Let us explain some of its outstanding features to understand how it fully works and to help you navigate through it more easily. We divide our 2.000+ songs into 2 main categories: international songs (mainly english songs, around 1.400) and greek songs (ελληνικά τραγούδια, around 670).

Tabs – anchors

Beneath both the international and the greek list there are all the letters of the alphabet illustrated horizontally and also the numbers 1-9. Because the index of each list is alphabetical and the list is massive, each letter-button will take you directly to the top of each letter to navigate faster and easier. The same will happen with the few cases of artists-bands whose names start with a number (for instance “3 doors down”). The songs are indexed by artist and with solo artists first name is first. (i.e. Michael Jackson). In the greek list at the solo artists last name goes first. (i.e. Καζαντζίδης Στέλιος) There are also some special categories, for example “Latin/Hispanic”, “Xmas songs”, “Walt Disney” etc. A few of these songs have been double listed (for example “Silent night” is both listed in Xmas and Frank Sinatra) so you can spot them easier.


YouTube “Evidence” Video Links

As you scroll your cursor through the song titles, in most cases the arrow will turn into a “hand”in song titles that appear in “bold” letters instead of regular. This means there is a youtube video available for this song performed by Bandaoke International, either in one of our shows or in one of our soundchecks. The purpose of these videos are to PROVE that the band actually DOES play the songs that appear in the list below so thet even the most skepticals believe it! Therefore, please excuse our singer in many of our videos as the only purpose of the shooting of this outstanding number of videos was to prove that the band plays the songs, not that he can actually sing ALL of these songs in a satisfactory level. Just click on it and a pop-up window will show up with the video so you can see and listen for yourself how that song sounds with us and also witness the fact that we do play it.


“Vocal assistance” numbers

You’ll notice that next to each song title there is a number 1-6 in a parenthesis. This indicates a special rating we have done for you. In a “conventional” karaoke” where people sing along with a prerecorded fixed playback, the melody of the song is never provided and the only help is that of the dot letting you know when to sing the words (i.e. rhythmic assistance only). We provide you both rhythmic and melodic assistance, which means in most songs we can sing along with you through some or all parts of the song. These numbers next to the songs will help you fully understand the level of help we can provide.

  • (1): Like in a conventional karaoke, you are completely on your own. The band only plays the music, no vocal assistance.
  • (2): The band only plays the music, however we can still “hum” some parts of the song to give you a rough idea of the melody if you feel lost.
  • (3): We can sing the chorus for you with full confidence, however in other parts of the songs no vocal help can be provided.
  • (4): We can sing the chorus for you with full confidence, plus “hum” or mainly sing many parts throughout the song so you can rely a lot on our vocal help.
  • (5): We can give you full vocal support throughout the entire song, so you can absolutely rely on our help.
  • (6): These songs you can also request from the band to play for you, as the Bandoke’s singer can sing them excellently for you.

(Generally speaking, if you can’t sing at all, you are not advised to select a song with 1-3, better go for 4-6.) Enjoy.